Spruce Up Your Home With Velux Skylights

Velux SkylightsSkylights in the home are the Easiest, cheapest and best way of sprucing up your home and giving it a makeover. The reason skylights are getting to be hugely popular is the way that they encircle a piece of the sky within the home. They could thus impart roominess to any area. However, to get maximum effect from skylights in the home, it is important to comprehend the design, size and positioning of skylights.

  • Size: Usually, specialists think that skylights illuminate a space that is roughly 20 times the size of this space. Some people, in an attempt to let in lots of mild choose the largest skylight they could afford. But bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to deciding on skylights for your home. The size of the skylight should not be more than 5 percent of the floor space if there are additional windows in the room. It should be less than 15 percent of the floor space if there are not many windows in the room. Unlike commercial buildings, where constructions are huge, there’s just so much that a room inside the home can take. Thus, choose skylights that match the size of the space.
  • Style: Even though most skylights are rectangular, these can be found in a number of sizes, shapes and colors. The form of the skylights installed in your home will affect the design and appearance of the room. Before, skylights were more prone to vapor build-up during the cold season. This vapor would then trickle down as water droplets to the room. But these days, it is possible to purchase skylights with stations that collect water vapor. Costlier skylights are less vulnerable to condensation related issues.
  • Material: The sort of material used on skylights in the home has a direct effect on their appearance and efficiency. Glass and plastic are the most popular materials used for glazing the skylights. Plastic skylights are less costly and do not break easily. But, plastic may become discolored over time and might even have scratches. Glass, on the other hand, is scratch proof and does not fade. But, it is more expensive and is generally found in commercial structures. To be certain that glass skylights are protected, these are made of tempered glass on the exterior and have a laminated pane on the interior.
  • Position: Where and how you put skylights inside the home is equally significant. Location plays a very important role in natural light and solar heating. When they are put on the roof and facing the north, you can expect constant but cool light. Velux Skylights that confront the east provide maximum solar power in the evenings, while those facing the west will provide maximum afternoon sunlight. If heat is an issue, you might put in skylights in the shade of a tree or have a shading device in addition to the skylight. The incline where skylights are put also controls the quantity of heat and light obtained.

Before Purchasing skylights for the home, do a little research. Prices tend to vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Price climbs with the inclusion of features like shading devices, remote control and special glazing.