Latest Pherazone Pheromone Review

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Why Does It Cost So Much For Just A Little Bottle

Androsterone (also called “RONE”) is a very popular pheromone substance. It is often used in combination with androsteNONE and androsteNOL. I honestly never heard of a guy just using pure androsterone. It is most likely because the effects are very subtle. It definitely works and delivers results but it is very hard to notice it.

This pheromone substance is a great way to balance the effects of androsteNONE.

The problem with androsteNONE is that if you put too much then it can lead to negative effects. If you put too little, then it will have no effects. So combining it with androsteNONE or other pheromones is a great way to solicit positive effects or positive results while minimizing negative ones.

That’s all well and good, but what can this do for you? Allow me to relate a quick story to illustrate.

A family friend has run a farm for many years and used to tell us about this chemical he would give to his swine that would make them more apt to mate. This was Androstenone, which is produced in other mammals besides humans.